A regular dental check up is far more cost effective than allowing a problem to develop which may need costly dental rectification work. The regular check up ultimately saves you time, money and inconvenience. We recommend dental check ups every six months. 


Children’s teeth are extremely important to look after and protect for their general health and wellbeing. It is important to visit the Dentist from as young as two years of age to detect any early development problems and check the growth and development of the teeth.



Gum disease or Periodontal Disease is the most common cause of tooth loss. Gum disease affects 60% of adult Australians. Most people are not aware they have gum disease as it is painless, until it is too late and tooth loss results. 



We restore teeth with white fillings so that the filling looks natural when you laugh and smile.  We believe white fillings work just as well as the old traditional amalgam but, like any filling it is important to look after the tooth by proper brushing.


Wisdom teeth often do not erupt (emerge from the bone and gum) properly as there is insufficient space in the jaw. In this situation the wisdom teeth push against the teeth already there.


Root canal therapy can save an infected tooth that previously you would probably have lost. A root canal therapy is needed to treat the tissue inside the tooth when it has died or become infected, otherwise tooth loss occurs.



After a dental extraction it generally takes six weeks to heal properly.  However, for medically compromised Patients and smokers it may take longer than six weeks for the socket to heal. Find out a few tips:


Both Complete dentures and Partial dentures are made with either an acrylic or metal framework and acrylic teeth and gums. It usually requires three to six visits to make a denture. 


Regardless of age, all people who participate in any sport or activity where there is a risk of contact to the face, needs to wear a custom fitted mouthguard to prevent dental injury.